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MGCSoft Affiliate Program.

Affiliate Information:
Yes, you can earn $$$ by simply referring customers to our site. We have an almost foolproof system for tracking customers and ensuring commission from sales due to referrals wind up in the referring site owners pocket.

If you refer a customer to any of our sites and they subsequently navigate to another of our sites, your referral code will follow them around. If they buy there and then, your SWREG account (which you will need to open) will reflect the sale. See the SWREG affiliate system details for more information about how you get paid.

If you refer a customer and they download but don't buy there and then, your affiliate code is appended to the download file name. If the customer purchases from any of the 'Buy Now' links in the program your affiliate code is retrieved and passed on to SWREG in the link further ensuring you get your just rewards.

The system is pretty damned good but it isn't infallible:
     The system uses cookies but it doesn't rely on them. The only time when a customer having cookies disabled results in lost commission is if they either - don't download or don't buy immediately or don't use the program links to purchase. In our experience it's most unlikely that they don't do one or the other. If they do have cookies enabled they can come back to the site directly to purchase or download and your affiliate code will be picked up again.
     The other fallibility is if someone downloads a program and saves it under a different file name. Our file names are fairly descriptive so there really should be no need for a downloader to change it.

If you want to see the affiliate system in action go to the TikTokToDo page on, click on the download link and note how the delivered file name has newfreewares' ID embedded in it. Click the 'Homepage' link on the same page which takes you to, navigate to the download page, (delete your cookies if you want) click the download button. You'll see the ID embedded in the file name again. Install the program, click the Help>Purchase menu item and you'll see the id being passed to SWREG. Not convinced? Try, search for one of our programs and do a test drive. The links will even propagate through our various sites. At the bottom of any of our sites you'll see a link to MGCSoft, click it, navigate to another product and see the tracking in action.

If you're a download site and do PAD polling your affiliate code will be automatically appended to all the links, further ensuring that you receive commission due.

If you're an entrepreneur with your own site you can manually append your affiliate code to links such as

We provide the ID. All you have to do is let us know by contacting us ">here. Provide us with contact information, details of your web site and how you propose to market our products and what commission you expect to receive. We'll do all we can to help you make a success of your business. We prosper, you prosper.

We have a STRICT, NO SPAMMING policy. Affiliates found spamming or using any other methods of promotion we consider unethical will be removed from the affiliate system forthwith.

Once we've reviewed your application, if approved, you will receive your affiliate code, we'll enter it into our database and you can start selling right away. All you need to do is send people to us, we'll do the rest. Members of the ASP or AISIP will automatically be approved.

Sign up ">HERE now.

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